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We work diligently to locate and acquire the best products - worldwide.  As part of our selection criteria, we closely examine the business ethics and reputation of the companies we considered for representation, as well as their truth claims regarding their product's effectiveness.  On the following tabs, you will find the products, arranged by type, that we are proud to represent and are pleased to offer to you.

Please check back with us often, as we will be adding links, photos and detailed information related to them.

Natural Stone

Stone from around the world from full-dimensional and structural to thin veneer and fabricated pieces - flooring to fireplace mantels and steps to stauary, we can source your material from our world-class suppliers.

Full Dimension, Thin Veneer, and Carved Stone

RyanStone                From that one of a kind home, to national treasures, monuments,  and other public works projects and picture-perfect commercial applications, RyanStone will provide timeless beauty.

Use our blends or create your own!

Dimensional and Landscape

Thin Veneer Natural Stone
Cooper Stone

Stone from around the world

Why choose L’abri Architectural Porphyry Stone Products?

An impressive history of proven durability

For many centuries, cultures around the world have used Porphyry Stone when their construction projects required both beauty and durability.  The Romans built their highways with it.  Some of these roadbeds are still visible today, but many have dissappeared.  However, not because they were worn and crumbling – Quite the opposite!  Due to the amazing strength and beauty of Porphyry, people scavenged them after Rome’s fall, for their homes and town squares.  It is this incredible durability that makes it perfect for paving, high-traffic walkways, recreational areas, town squares and roads.

Resistance to wear

Due to its extremely high compression breaking point, Porphyry resists wear and chemicals and can withstand extreme temperature variations.


Due to it’s resistance to wear, porphyry pavers don’t lose their naturally textured surface.  This means in wet conditions porphyry doesn’t become slippery.  This high slip-resistance makes porphyry perfect for both commercial and public works projects.

Low Maintenance, Stain resistant

Porphyry needs virtually no on-going maintenance.  This fact, together with its long life span makes it a very cost-effective, long term paving choice.

Modern Porphyry Applications around the world

Porphyry has paved many of the most beautiful squares in Europe, America and the world over. To mention but a few of them - the Olympic Stadium in Munich; Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles; the main square in Frankfurt, Germany; the Hope Collection in Santa Fe; the underground and market square in Paris; the Military Cemetery in Hawaii; Kennedy Airport in New York and the central square in Geddah, Saudi Arabia.

Insulating Concrete Forms

Highly effective core building products that provide an extremely cost-effective and sustainable shell to your structures.  A three hour plus fire rating, 30-50% lower annual heating and cooling costs, clean and quiet, ICFs should be seriously considered for all of your building projects.

BuildBlock ICFs, 

Mineral Wall Finishes

eco stucco provides best-of-class mineral wall finishes that are clean, earth-friendly and very durable.  These finishes are perfect for those who desire an environmentally-friendly interior or exterior wall surface - no off-gassing (no VOCs) and hypo-allergenic, while being a beautiful and durable finish, eco stucco is a great choice.

eco stucco™

Floating Islands

L'abri is very excited to offer you this cutting edge product that is as beautiful and it is effective in restoration of our environment.

Both beautiful and practical, Floating Islands cleanse the water of heavy metals, nitrogen, excess nutrients and turbidity.  From a small, dinner plate-sized island to well over one acre in size, Floating Islands are perfect to assist in rapid habitat restoration, carbon sequestration and water filtration.