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Floating Islands
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Floating Islands remove harmful pollutants from waterways using natural microbial processes.  The applications for this technology are many:

Sewage Effluent and Stormwater Ponds:
The effective use of constructed wetlands for cleansing water of common pollutants is very well documented and highly successful.  Floating Islands take this method to a new degree of sophistication by introducing a concentrated wetland effect: for every 250 sq ft of Floating Island, we introduce ONE ACRE of "biomimicked" wetland surface area to support beneficial microbial activity - without tying up valuable real-estate.

Rivers Lakes and Streams:
Floating Islands can be moored in rivers, either anchored to the bottom or attached to the bank.  They can be stretched across the river, allowing fish free access underneath.  They provide beneficial shade, which inhibits the growth of algae and cools the water for fish habitation.

Golf Courses:
Golf course ponds can be very polluted due to runoff of fertilizers used to keep the greens lush.  A pond full of algae with a smell to match is not very attractive!  Floating Islands can reduce the algae and make the pond look great - perhaps with a Living Walkway which can also serve a practical purpose.

Zoo Ponds:
When a Floating Island was installed in Zoo Montana's River Otter enclosure, there were big smiles all around.  The water went from murky purple to clear in just 24 hours.  The otters were introduced to real vegetation for the first time in their eight years of life.  They love their island.  The zoo patrons were able to see them climbing on it, swimming up (and down) through the inbuilt pools and generally having a grand time. 

The aesthetic possibilities are endless.  Whether you prefer a natural, wild look or a tended, cultivated look, Floating Islands will cooperate, though, as with any other garden, the results reflect the efforts of the steward.

Island planting and launch, Central Coast foothills in California.

Severe Water Quality Remediation, Lake San Dieguito, San Diego County, California
Construction of the island, preparing for planting.

Lake San Dieguito, bolting the joiner plates of the islands.

Lake San Dieguito, six weeks later.  One of five 250SF islands.  The birds and fish love them and water quality substantially improved..